TIMBER : Why it is Special?


1. Strong and flexible:
Timber is light-weight and strong. A timber beam will be stronger than a beam made of either concrete or steel of the same weight. Timber’s flexibility makes it a good material to use in earthquake zones.
2. A common and familiar building material:
Timber is used in buildings all over the world as it is usually affordable and requires building skills and tools available locally. This means that timber buildings are easily maintained and adapted by the people that use them.
3. Environmentally sustainable and recyclable:
Timber’s are sourced from well managed forests and plantations are sustainable, renewable resources. Timber buildings can be dismantled and reused.
4. Timber buildings can last a long time:
Timber can last for many years and can be used in permanent housing. Using timber correctly can reduce risk of attack by fungus and insects.
5. Timber is a natural material:
As timber come from trees and plants their properties of density weight, strength, flexibility, hardness and durability vary depending on both the species and which part of the plant or tree they are cut from. Identifying the right species of tree is an important part of specification.

Timber is a natural building material that offers superior performance and environmental advantages. It is a versatile, sustainable, attractive and cost effective building material that combines beauty, performance and environmental advantage.

According to Wood Solutions , timber’s flexibility and versatility offer a variety of design options that are limited only by imagination.

Properly treated recycled wood materials offer a multitude of building and design solutions, creating living spaces alive with beauty, warmth and comfort.

Timber is a heat and electrical insulator. This means it provides effective resistance to electricity and high temperatures. Because of its insulting properties, timber is a fantastic natural material to use for ceilings and wall covers.

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