Some advantages of timber are:-
1. It is readily available:
Timber is a natural material used in many forms for building and construction. It is readily available, and can be easily sourced from many building material.
2. It is safe:
Since it comes from a natural source, timber is non-toxic. It is safe to handle and even as it ages, it will not cause damage to the environment. It is safe to reuse or recycle and maximises Green Star Energy rating and carbon credits. Most timbers these days are endorsed or sustainably harvested to return a great life cycle.
3. It is easy to work:
Due to its lightness, density and grain structure, and the fact we have been using timber in buildings from the early ages we have highly developed machinery to cut, drill and prepare timber to the required size and shape. Even hardwood timbers are relatively easy to work with compared to other building materials such as steel.
4. It is cost-effective:
Timber is the cost-effective alternative to many other materials if you consider the life cycle of timber it has fewer steps to process than many other building materials, therefore less to produce.
5. It is versatile and visually appealing:
As timber comes in many different grades and species this gives timber a huge reach across many different uses and appeals. Structural and visual grade timbers are often chosen for outdoor structure.
6. It is naturally anti-corrosive:
Unlike steel and other highly used building materials timber does not corrode in salt air or heavy industrial environments.

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