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Power yoga is an active, vigorous combination of standing & sitting Asanas which link physical movement, deep breathing techniques, and meditation together.
which is also sometimes called Vinyasa Yoga, is derived from Ashtanga yoga, (the full name is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga). “Vinyasa” is the alignment of movement with breath during yoga, and is what turns singular, static yoga poses into complete yoga flow sequences.

There are numerous health benefits of power yoga, both physical and mental
Health Yoga has consistently shown to be highly valuable in mental health. Specifically, the practice can help relieve stress and anxiety, sharpen concentration, improve mood, increase mindfulness and boost energy levels. Many psychiatrists and psychologists also offer yoga to be apart of the treatment plan of several mental disorders.

Physical Health
Yoga within itself promotes stability, flexibility, and strength. Accelerate the intensity of Power Yoga, and the physical benefits are boasting! Followers of Power Yoga advocate that it is much more than “regular” yoga, as it could be considered an aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. Often also known as “fitness yoga, ” the totality of the poses encourages an accelerated heart rate and a more rigorous effort through pose sequences.
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