Power Of Yogic Science

power of yogic system
Power Of Yogic Science
Power Of Yogic Science

Sadhguru Ji wants you to know the Power Of Yogic Science which is also known as inner science. Power Of Yogic Science  gives you the opportunity to learn more and more about your body and about your soul. When you have the knowledge of inner science then you will become the master of your own destiny.

Power Of Yogic Science is a medical degree in india in the field of integrated naturopathy and yoga therapy .

  • Power Of Yogic Science is easy to cite platitudes about the mind, body, and spirit, but how does the mystical tradition really affect us? From the Vedic teachings in ancient India to 21st century research, evidence shows that Yoga changes the way we think, feel, and act.
  • Power Of Yogic Science is makes us happier, healthier, and better-adjusted, but that doesn’t explain the science behind the art.
  • In “The Heart Power of yogic science,” author Leonard Perl mutter says that Yoga provides “a blueprint for peace, happiness, and freedom from fear.”
  • Simply put, Yogic techniques change our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the mechanisms responsible for our “fight or flight” stress responses. The old Sanskrit word Yoga is defined as [Chittavrittinirodha]. Power Of Yogic Science means that Yoga is the science that teaches us to bring the Chitta under control from the state of change. The Chitta is the stuff from which our minds are made and which is being constantly churned into waves by external and internal influences. Yoga teaches us how to control the mind so that it is not thrown out of balance into wave forms. . . .

What does mean of Power Of Yogic Science ? To the student of religion almost ninety-nine per cent of the books and thoughts of religion are mere speculations. One man thinks religion is this and another, that. If one man is more clever than the others, he overthrows their speculations and starts a new one. Men have been studying new religious systems for the last two thousand, four thousand, years — how long exactly nobody knows. . . . When they could not reason them out, they said, “Believe!” If they were powerful, they forced their beliefs. This is going on even now.

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