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Lucknow Metro Project, an ideal example for translocation of trees


Lucknow Metro Project, an ideal example for translocation of trees

Lucknow Metro project is a Mass Rapid Transit System for the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Convenient, fast, cost-effective and an eco-friendly mode of transport.

According to Times of India,  around 981 trees were saved during working on the Lucknow Metro project.

The route where the trees were saved from being axed is from Transport Nagar to Hazratganj. This idea of Metro officials proved that they are moving ahead towards their projects in an environment-friendly way. Such an appreciable thought! Isn’t it?

Wanna know how they did it? Let’s discuss-

Actually, the idea was to start working on the metro project in an environment-friendly way. During the planning of route between Transport Nagar to Hazratganj, the problem came forth that what might do to save those trees which were in the line of this route.

After a deep discussion, they came up with an idea. The metro officials removed 270 trees along with their root ball. Then, they translocated them at another place where they may survive further.

Apart from that, another best decision of department was to make changes to their route plan. In respect of their decision, they have made some changes to the route so as to not axe 711 trees.

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According to Forest officer Mohan Tiwari-

“We decided to translocate them after seeing the age of trees, their species and weather. Some trees weighed up to 30 tonnes. They were uprooted and translocated at the different place with the help of a crane. The work was halted as 206 trees of Peepal, Banyan, Kankar, Maulshree, Chitwan Steak, Kanji and Semal were found planted on the underground route from Charbagh to Hazratganj. It took 40 days to remove the trees along with the root and put them at another place.”

Not only from Transport Nagar to Hazratganj, but also from Transport Nagar to Charbagh, there are 30 trees that were saved by translocating them to some other places. Besides, from Charbagh to Hazratganj underground route, around 30 trees were translocated successfully and 157 are saved by making changes in the route design.


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