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“CONTENT IS THE KING”. If you want to drive more traffic on your website you must learn techniques to write effective SEO contents i.e. content marketing because content is an integral part of digital marketing. Content marketing is a type of traditional marketing to pitch about your product and services so that you can drive maximum traffic to your business website. As it is a traditional form of marketing we have some more techniques for you so that we can help you grow more SEO and these techniques will help you to write an effective content for your business which can drive more traffic to your website.

Here are 6 Types of effective SEO contents:

1. Use Infographics in your content:

Attaching info-graphics to your blog will help you give a wide knowledge to the target audience visually.

2.Upload effective Videos:

Video marketing has taken social media handles to storms as more than 100 million people watch videos with just an hour.

A good video has always created an impact on customers.

3.Valuable Product Reviews:

 Product reviews are the most valuable assets which cannot be taken lightly at all. Any customer who is in search of a product will surely make an attempt to search the product review before buying the product.

4.A How to…question:

How to…or ..How do I…questions are the format of contents that are highly effective because these contents are among those that are most searched forms. Writing these sort of contents will drive customers to your lap.

5.Link Roundup:

Link roundups are the love spread out through web. To add any link round up you simply have to add the title of the article that you want to be shareable and create a hyperlink to it.

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